Cashless Sales Transactions Problematic for The No-Cash Allowance Author

NoCashCoverLo-ResIn my book, The No-Cash Allowance, I explain how easy it is for parents to make allowance payments to their kids with a cashless strategy. Unfortunately,  a I could not process  cashless sales transactions.

When my book rolled off the press, I could only afford to be credit card merchant for one company. There were set up fees, monthly fees and transaction fees that took a big chunk out of my sales revenue.

Originally published as a paperback my book is now available in eBook format on both Kindle and Nook. As readers adapted to digital books, payment forms needed to keep pace.

Finally,  PayPal and Square POS came along so I could accept  no-cash sales anywhere and anytime.

PayPal streamlines credit ordering

Seven years ago PayPal became my new best friend by offering the ability to order from use one of many credit cards. There were no monthly fees for me; I pay PayPal a transaction fee when someone makes a purchase.

However, when I went on the road to seminars and conferences pesky technological snags with computer and Internet connectivity (plus fees) left me stuck with Cash or Check Only. Not my ideal vision for selling a book about no-cash allowances for kids.

Square processes cashless sales transactions

Then,  along came Square with the little thingy that plugs into my iPad or iPhone. Now I can take payments anywhere anytime. Finally, everyone can buy my book without using cash.

Finally, no cash is needed to buy The No-Cash Allowance.

Lynne Finch helps parents teach their kids about money from piggy banks to online banking. “It’s time to teach the kids how to manage money they can’t see or touch,” says the author of The No-Cash Allowance. Follow Lynne’s common sense approach for teaching children that money is a number starting with kids as young as pre-school and continuing through high school.

The No-Cash Allowance Anniversary Moment

The No-Cash Allowance

The No-Cash Allowance anniversary is here. Consequently, a first-grader who started with this allowance system  ten years ago is nearing high school graduation.

That’s a decade of managing money as a number, an essential skill for today’s kids.

Over the years parents tell me that using The No-Cash Allowance has surprised  them. They see an improved attitude and responsibility that their kids have about money.

Kids want to be in charge of their money

Most exciting for me is now watching my grandkids learning from my daughters who grew up with my allowance strategy. It seems that kids don’t change from generation to generation. Kids all want the same things: money, control, and responsibility.

Along the way, the book won the Mom’s Choice Award® in the parenting category. Personally, I’ve enjoyed appearing on radio and TV. Speaking at conferences and starting my blog about kids and money spread the word to more parents.

Thanks for your time in noting the no-cash allowance anniversary. Maybe a parent will thank you for sharing the great news.

Helping parents teach their kids how to manage money as a number.