Help celebrate 10 years of The No-Cash Allowance

The No-Cash Allowance

Help celebrate the 10th anniversary of the publication of my book by sharing this news. For the month of July, the book is available at the special 10th anniversary price of  $10 when ordered from my website. This includes free shipping and a nifty green pencil and a set of printed allowance log sheets. (Regular book price is $16.95)

If you could take a moment to share with your social media networks those few more Likes or Tweets will go a long way in letting parents know about my book and this special offer.

Over the years parents tell me that using The No-Cash Allowance has surprised and pleased them as they see the improved attitude and responsibility that their kids have about money. Most exciting for me is watching my grandkids learning from my daughters who grew up with my creation.

Along the way the book was  named ‘Most Outstanding Parenting Book’ by the Mom’s Choice Awards®. Personally, I’ve enjoyed appearing on radio and TV, speaking at conferences and starting my blog about kids and money.

Thanks for your time. Maybe a parent will thank you for sharing the great news.

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